Hi, my name is Evgeniy Vulev and I am the owner of the "Miracle Mineral" Company, based in the ancient city of Plovdiv in the heart of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a small country blessed with amazing variety of natural wonders that always leave visitors short of breath at the touch of their beauty.

I became fascinated with, and started gathering minerals 30 years ago. For 20 years I have been collecting minerals, and in 1990 I started cutting them into beautiful, one of a kind design for sale to jewelers and collectors. What distinguishes me from many trade only companies is the fact that I personally find and dig up the minerals. Mainly for this reason I am able to satisfy my customers with unique minerals and gems rarely found in the serial production of big manufacturers. Everything I offer is completely natural and untreated, except for being cut and polished.

I hope you will enjoy the trip through my site, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact rne.

During 2005 in Munich I was invited to show the Bulgarian agates for the special theme "Agates" (Achat Traume).


Special-exhibit "agate-dreams" in Munich 2000

These are certificates for the best minerals found from Evgeniy Vulev.

Certificate for

Certificate for
Certificate for
agates, jaspers and opals
Certificate for monocristals and epidote